2013 Project Flex#

A study about the relationship between coreography and music composition.
This work adds another step in our research about the relationship between sound and action, research that we have started with the installation and performance Radici. The path we are following are bringing us from action to dance. A body that compose music, sense an action as a sound and not like a step. See a sound, not listen to it.




A log with its red wool roots.
RADICI was the starting point for
a work about “loop movements” and sounds; its narrative used simple
repeated movements that interact with an installation to create
sounds. Gesture and sound were linked together to evoke a
context and a story.


2012 MRT 2° Ipotesi

“What is the sound of the wind? If the wind doesn’t touch anything it makes no sound. The truth is that what we hear is just the sound of the leaves of a tree”
In mytologhy, literature and life of everyone of us, there are always be a tree. The tree of our garden, the one of the first kiss, the one close to our grandpa house, the one of the forest. This play want to be our second answer to this element and wants to investigate what it can evoke.
The sound tells what the eyes can’t see. The voices are echoes and memories of old and eternal stories. The play starts from the branches and ends at the roots.


2011 Mito Rito Corteccia




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